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Visit this section to find out all there is to know about The Barari Group.
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  • Haddoud Salim Dates

    Whole dates from cultivars Phoenix Dactylifera. Physiologically ripe dates originated from Southern Algeria. The dates were manufactured by dates disconnected, fumigated, graded, cleaned, treated with moist heat, and sweating (dry heat).

  • KAS Dates

    Quintessence of the oasis of Tolga, miracle product from the encounter of the sun, the water and the huge spaces of Algerian Sahara.. The honey of its sap, the smoothness of its substance, the Deglet Nour is a tasting fruit much appreciated for its flavor and nutritional qualities. KAS Dates guarantees the high quality of its products in the Mediterranean tradition and continuity.

  • Unique Dates

    Barari Unique Dates is appreciated for its superior quality and its unique honeyed taste. It is traditionally called "Fruit of bright light" for its translucent color, the softness of its appearance and elegance of its shape.

    Deglet Nour -which means "fingers of light"- is a very energetic fruit. This date is legendary for its perfection and it is called "the queen of dates".
    Deglet Nour Dates are juicy, almost transparent, have a soft texture and a sweet taste

  • Barari Dates

    Barari Dates occupying an honourable place in the fruit world market, was started exporting fresh and dry dates. Barari Dates are expoted to countries mainly located in America, Asia, Europe and Middle East. Barari Dates has an up-to-date unit of conditioning and packaging dates.




Naseem Al Barari General Trading was established in 1991in Jordan. We export and import different types of food stuff to and from many different places in the world. Our two main commodities are Dates & Tea. Barari Group owns and operates several dates factories and packing facilities in UAE, IRAQ, ALGERIA, TUNISIA as well as SRI LANKA. 


Tea is one of the main items which we export from Sri Lanka having turnover of more than 15,000 tons annually mainly to Iraq, Morocco, Algeria, Jordan, Egypt & Somalia. We export and supply the finest quality of Ceylon traditional red tea & green tea as well as cardamom and Early Gray flavor tea. Barari Group owns Several private tea labels including Barari Tea, Al Mukhtar Tea, and Apple Tea (Al Tufaha).

Our main tea market is Iraq where we export thousands of tons monthly. Barari Group is proud to have its private labels , Barari and Apple tea , dominating the tea market in Iraq as the most desirable tea products . 


Barari Group supplies wide range of dates and dates related products with annual turnover exceeding 90,000 tons of different varieties and origins. Our products have a wide global reach of over 50 countries including India, Morocco, Jordan, Egypt, Canada, Europe, U.S.A. and Far East countries.

Emarati Dates





Bou Maan




Vacuum Dates

Date Paste

Algerian Dates

Deglet Nour Branch
Packing: 500 grams & 1 kg
Brands: Barari, Kas

Deglet Nour Standard
Packing: 2 kg & 5 kg
Brands: Barari, Kas

Deglet Nour Conditioned
Packing: 250 g, 500 g, 1 kg & 5 kg
Brands: Barari, Hadoud Salim, Kas

Aleyya Dates
Packing: 5 kg

Nawar Dates
Packing: 5 kg

Lyly Dates
Packing: 5 kg

Al Fareeda Dates
Packing: 5 kg

Dana Dates
Packing: 5 kg

Tunisian Dates

Deglet Nour Branch
Packing: 500 grams & 1 kg packets
Brands: Barari, Fit, King Tumoor

Deglet Nour Standard
Packing: 2 kg & 5 kg
Brands: Barari, Fit

Deglet Nour Conditioned
Pcking: 250 grams, 500 grams, 1 kg & 5 kg
Brands: Barari, Kraft, Fit

Khuwat Alig
Packing: 200 grams & 450 grams
Brands: Barari, Kraft, Fit




Iraqi Dates

Zahdi Dates
Packing: 10 kg, 20 kg, 26 kg
& 30 kg
Brands: Barari, Kraft, 5 Star, Naseem, Hachem


Premium Seedless Barari Dates

Different kinds of the best Dates packed in a fancy container
Packing: 200 grams

Moreover, we supply Medjoul Dates that is Jordanian origin or South African origin.




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