NAG offer high quality Ceylon tea for exclusive markets

With a history of being in the business of tea since 1990, the company's Dubai office was established in 1995 under the name Naseem Al Barari Group (NAG). The main markets from Dubai are Iraq, Iran and Syria. The markets prefer to call NAG's tea Sri Lankan tea or Ceylon tea. The main two brands that are exported to these markets are Barari Tea and Apple Tea which are both black.

The NAG group is associated with expo Lanka Teas and buys 12,000 tons of tea per annum from Sri Lanka. NAG/ Expo Lanka Teas is continuously growing and will soon secure fifth place on the list of leading exporters from Sri Lanka. NAG's turnover is Dh150,000 million for a bulk of 12,000 tons of tea annually. Future plans for the Middle East market have gained momentum with market analysis and planning focusing on the GCC markets, which has a large population of tea exporters and drinkers.

Apart from these regions; NAG has just launched a product exclusively to the European market, called the T Twist. Apart from Europe this up market product will be exclusively made available in Canada and the US. The packaging of T-Twist is unique. It has twisted feel of it. The teabags are made of pyramid silken which will carry tea leaves in them. They come in exotic infusions like tea fruit (or with fruit pieces). It proposes to offer 45 flavours under the brand name.

This product has received good response so far and the company is looking forward to further responses from the region to expand its markets here.

NAG is a fast growing business conglomerate with other businesses such as real estate, exchange houses, food products, tyres, batteries and spare parts to mention a few. It has branches in Sri Lanka, Iraq, Morocco, Jordan, Kuwait and Korea.

Khaldoun R.Asmar CEO Naseem Al Barari Group